Frequently asked questions about our drinks

What is Wavelength Drinks?

Wavelength Drinks is a non-alcoholic drink made from scratch by brewers in North Cornwall. We use the same expertise in brewing beer, to create innovative, super-premium fermented aperitif and digestif. 

Fermentation takes time, but time brings flavours, deep aromas and complexity. Like waiting for the perfect wave, we take our time and we believe you can tell the difference. No shortcuts, no cut corners, no lab coats. 

Both Ruby and Amber are over a month in the making. We double ferment both liquids and infuse with a selection of herbs and botanicals. Amber is cold smoked for an additional week, giving it's signature smokey, fiery flavour.

Our drinks are made for great company, awesome food and a sunset surf, all lifted by exceptional flavour. Whether you're drinking no, low or full alcohol drinks, our liquids provide an excellent base of complex flavours. Because why does it have to be all or nothing?

What are aperitifs & digestifs?

An apéritif is normally an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite and is usually dry rather than sweet, the most well-known apéritif is normally served as spritz.

A digestif is normally an alcoholic beverage served after a meal, to aid digestion, they can be enjoyed neat, over ice or with carbonation.

We have created both drink styles with the same memorable flavours but without alcohol, Ruby is our non-alcoholic aperitif and Amber is our non-alcoholic digestif.

What do Wavelength Drinks taste like?

Ruby tastes of floral peppercorns, bittersweet grapefruit and fruity earthiness lingering on the palette.

Amber has layers of sour oak, raw honey and floral aromas.
Rich, dark and peaty. Dry and bitter lingering notes.

What is in it?

Our drinks have a very simple & natural base, we use Cornish spring water, tea leaves and a selection of natural ingredients to create our complex but beautiful expressions.

Our drinks undergo a fermentation process, where some alcohol is produced in the initial stages, before being biologically removed. That’s why it takes us a month to make each batch. 

The final product is alcohol-free, gluten-free and vegetarian with 29kcal/100ml serve.

Ruby ingredients:
Water, Tea, Sugar, Hibiscus, Pink Peppercorns, Lavender, Orange zest, Pink grapefruit zest, Wormwood, Apple cider vinegar, preservative: potassium sorbate, preservative: sodium metabisulphite, (sulphites below < 10mg/l)

Amber ingredients:
Water, Tea, Sugar, Ginger, Cloves, Coca bean, Vanilla, Gentian root, Apple cider vinegar, Preservative: potassium sorbate, preservative: sodium metabisulphite, (sulphites below < 10mg/l)

What does non-alcoholic mean?

For us, non-alcoholic is just that, 0% ABV and 100% alcohol-free, which means our products are safe to drink when pregnant and breastfeeding as well as those recovering from alcohol addiction.

How is our liquid made?

We start with Cornish spring water & tea leaves. Then through a 2 stage fermentation, we create our base liquor, using a mixed ferment culture with unique yeast & bacteria blend to achieve our perfect base.

During this fermentation process, some alcohol is produced in the initial stages, before being biologically removed

We then take this base liquor & infuse it with our natural ingredients to produce 6 elements for us to blend with.

We blend the 6 infused liquors of Hibiscus, Lavender, wormwood, pink Peppercorn, Orange Zest & Pink Grapefruit Zest by hand to create the apéritif we call RUBY.

We finally bottle here in Cornwall and share it with the world.

For our digestive AMBER, we use the same process to create our liquor but infuse with a different 6 natural flavours of Lasag, Ginger, Clove, Vanilla, Cacao Nibs & Gentian Root.

Just like RUBY, these are all hand blended to create our perfect blend, but with AMBER we have one final touch, we cold smoke and age for one week, before bottling here in Cornwall to share with the world.

We take our time which is why each bottle of High Point is one month in the making. Every drop is crafted from the ground up, by our passionate team of blending experts here in Cornwall as we put decades of experience in brewing, fermenting and blending to deliver the premium taste your moment deserves.

How do I serve it?

We recommend RUBY to be served as a Ruby Spritz:
Take a large wine glass and fill with ice, then pour 1 part Ruby, 4 parts tonic and stir. Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit and enjoy with friends and great food.

We recommend Amber to be served as a Highball:
Take a tumbler or whisky glass and place a few cubes of ice, then pour 1 part Amber, 4 parts ginger ale and stir. Garnish with a slice of orange and enjoy, if you can in front of a fire.

These are our favourite serves, but you can also check out a whole range of serve options right here on the recipe page of our website. 

What food do these drinks go with?

Both our aperitif and digestif have been developed to complement great food... soon we plan to have some perfect food pairing suggestions on our site.

But RUBY is best served as a pre-dinner apéritif whereas AMBER is perfect after dinner as a digestive.

How do I store RUBY and AMBER?

We put a 9 months shelf life on our Wavelength Drinks when they leave Cornwall. Once opened, we recommend they are drunk within 3 months of the opening so you capture the optimum amount of flavour we have created.

We hope they won’t hang around for long and to help we have curated a range of delicious drink recipes on our site to help you enjoy yourself with friends. 

Store with the stopper inserted, in a cool, dry location. You can even store in the fridge if preferred. 

Can you drink it when pregnant or breastfeeding?

The foundation of our drinks is fermented tea. This is made through a very natural fermentation process. If you are at all unsure if you should try our drinks, we’d always recommend asking the advice of a medical professional.

Why is it so expensive when it has no alcohol?

Every bottle of is hand-blended and created from all-natural ingredients here in Cornwall. Although we don’t have any alcohol in our final product, the process from start to finish takes one month, much longer than any spirit or beer production.

Our time, passion and love are only matched by the high-quality products and ingredients which make Wavelength. We believe every drop is worth as much as any alcoholic counterpart.

Do you use recyclable packaging?

Wavelength Drinks is committed to respecting the world that it has been the product of and we are working to make sure that our products and the materials we ship and bottle in our as recyclable as possible. This is a journey we are on and we hope to improve our imprint on the world every step of the way.

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