The (Slow) Process

Meet the Liquid

Our process takes over a month and each bottle begins with raw, natural ingredients. We start by brewing and fermenting our own base. Then we infuse with actual fruit, herbs and botanicals. No bottled extracts or bought in flavourings. And finally, we work on the perfect blend.

Tapping into decades of experience, our brewers create the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spice. The result is delicious flavour, inviting aroma, and lasting aftertaste. No shortcuts. No corners cut. And no lab coats. It’s our craft, created to complement our lifestyle.

Fermentation takes time, but time brings rich flavours, deep aromas and complexity. Some say we are doing things the hard way, but we say the right way. Like waiting for the perfect wave, it takes patience and time. But when it all comes together you know it was worth the wait.

Meet the Maker

Meet Founder, Eddie Lofthouse. Here he is, thinking about premium drinks by the Cornish coast. He has a vision to take a stand for flavour and making exceptional non-alcoholic fermented drinks.

After starting Harbour Brewing Co in 2012, a successful and innovative brewery in North Cornwall, Eddie wanted an alternative to drinking alcohol. He brought together his knowledge of brewing beer to brewing our premium, non-alcoholic liquids and after 173 attempts (fermenting everything from pine cones to lavender) Wavelength Drinks was born.

Our liquid delivers one thing; wonderfully complex non-alcoholic drinks that actually taste good. Using the same expert knowledge of fermentation that it takes to brew beer, Eddie and his team have spent the last two years perfecting their recipe. Thirst quenched, they brought it to market and have been delighting drinkers ever since.